Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Un-MIA myself

Oh well. Got back to Miri quite a while ago. Feels good to be back once again, miss the food here so much. Kolok mee, Claypot Prawn Noodles and everything else. Woah. They never tasted this good. lol. Anyway some updates on my life so far:

On the 27th to 29th of November, I was at Meleka. Doing what? Attending the world's most prestigious DotA tournament-SMM Grand National DotA Tournament. Where teams from all around the world to grab the prize pool that is involved. RM42000 to the champions. I dint go just as a spectator, I went as a Media. You see, I am an editor for one of the biggest DotA website in the world-Gosugamers. So I represented GosuGamers at SMM. Went and covered the whole event for them. I did pretty well considering this is my very first LAN and coverage done. Also I was doing it solo. So yeah, pretty good effort from me. Anyway the event was great, I get to meet some really cool players, some I never thought I would ever meet. For example, the whole MYM line-up, PMS girls and the guys from PokerIdol. They are all pretty cool dudes. Also met up with the GameStath shoutcasters, TobiWanKenobi and Will. They shoutcast DotA games really well, props to them for making the event that much better. Oh yeah, one of the highlights of the event was the funmatch between team Media vs team MCiTY from Australia. Team Media lost, but meh, it was damn fun to play. Team media consisted of Me(GosuGamers), ReiNN(myMYM), Toby(GameStath), Will(GameStath) and Phil(Gamestath). Should have seen Toby shouting during the game. He was so loud, guess thats what happens when you shoutcast DotA. lol. The other highlight is of course meeting PMS|furryfish*, the cutest DotA player around. She is a girl btw, I aint gay. Cant really bother reblogging about SMM as I've done it on GosuGamers already. So if you want to read it click here.

What else after that? Hmm. Nothing much I guess. Un-MIA myself for blogging. Got my results. Damn happy about my results. I got 77.3 for my CPS, which I only needed 67. WooHoo!!!! UWA here I come!!!!!!!!! Now to ask my dad for a PS3. Hmm.

Oh and I've decided to close my blog to the public, only those close to me can read it. I'd prefer not to, but things happened so I choose to protect myself. Till next time, see yaz peeps.



Me♥ said...

walau.. ur like a dota blogger o what? haha.. pro pro

ohh and can u invite my other email?



BlueBerry~ said...

I write for a DotA news website you dufus.

MeLo♥ said...

that's what i meant, not meh? =.="

妝狂 said...