Saturday, April 10, 2010

Random Ramblings

Cant really think of much to write actually. But still feel like updating. Hmm. I guess I'll just post random stuff going in my mind right now.

Lets see, first thing on my mind. I want to go to Singapore. lol. Want to go to USS to have some fun. Hoping I can head over this year end or maybe beginning of next year. The best would be this June or July. I'm kinda hoping its June or July, well also provided that WCG Asia is being hosted during that time. Go and so some live coverage in Singapore. Woot. But not sure, see how things pan out first.

Second thought, uber STRESSNESS. I got exams coming up and I havent done study at all. MicroEcons and Financial Accounting. Die. Need to do some work next week. Need to slap myself to work. Its going to be hard. But need to try. Come on Terry. You can do it.

Third thing, as some may know, I write for a very big DotA website called GosuGamers. I love the job, if you can call it a "job" as i dont get paid. But well I like it, thats for sure. Anyway, back to topic. Not sure how to say this, but my writing skill seems to be really good that the guys over at myMYM(second largest DotA site) have offered me to work with them. And this time, with some monetary incentive if I do very well. Cool eh? You'd think I'd jump the gun and go to work with them right? Well, I dint, I chose to work at Gosu. Reason? Quite a few, but I cant be bothered to write it down. Hehe. So whatever, next thing, if there is any.

Hmm. Fourth, thinking of something. Hmm. Ok cant think of any. Oh wait, there is. Just to annoy Melo. HyungJun sucks!!!!! He sucks at StarCraft and singing.

Ok thats it for now. Out.