Saturday, September 5, 2009

AWHYO Clan listen up.

All those who still consider themselves part of the AWHYO clan listen up, especially those going to KL for the trip next January. I have an announcement to make. And that is, the hotel has been booked. The hotel in question is So just for a heads-up on the pricing of it. Here are the details of the bookings:

Jan 14 1x Deluxe room
Jan 15 1x Deluxe room, 1x Standard room
Jan 16 1x Deluxe room, 2x Standard rooms
Jan 17 1x Deluxe room
Jan 18 1x Deluxe room

The price for each room is as follows(All after tax):

As for the room allocation, I took the liberty of arranging who sleeps with who so that it is easier for me to see who needs to pay how much. So here it is.

Jan 14 Deluxe: Terry, Melo, Susan, Hui Wen
Jan 15 Deluxe: Melo, Susan, Hui Wen, Karen, Sing Sien
Standard: Terry, Bryan, Poh Lim
Jan 16 Deluxe: Melo, Susan, Hui Wen, Karen
Standard: Terry, Bryan, Poh Lim
Standard: Sing Sien, Carrie, Doris
Jan 17 Deluxe: Terry, Melo, Susan, Hui Wen, Poh Lim
Jan 18 Deluxe: Terry, Melo, Susan, Hui Wen, Poh Lim

The amount need to be paid per person is the room cost divided by the amount of people staying. So it will be as follows:

Terry: RM168.7
Melo: RM151.8
Susan: RM151.8
Hui Wen: RM151.8
Karen: RM62.1
Sing Sien: RM67.1
Bryan: RM79
Poh Lim:RM134.2
Carrie: RM39.5
Doris: RM39.5

Basically, this post is to inform you guys about it. And there is no backing out now. Even if you decided not to stay in the hotel. You still have to pay me. As there is no way of canceling the booking now. Any question. Please leave comments.



MeLo♥ said...

wow. pro larh u. haha

NOtObEaLOnE^^ said...

i onli stay on 15 and 16 jan er

NOtObEaLOnE^^ said...

ok.. correct di! hahaah.. whr doris and kri go o?