Monday, June 15, 2009

Definition of Mr^Blue~

Was sitting in the bust today while on the way home and this came into my mind. What defines Mr^Blue~? Or more specifically. What defines me? As in what makes me who I am? What characteristics do I have that makes me special? The ones that you can tell its me if there was a clone of me running around trying to pretend to be me. Been thinking about it. I have some ideas as to what makes me. Me. Not sure if everyone would agree or not. But its what I think it is. So leave a comment if you dont agree and say why. Thanks.

First off, I am loyal to my friends. Those that I am close to, I am willing to go to any lengths to help them when they are in need. Sometimes its probably a bit over for a friend. But heck. Thats what makes me tick. I've helped someone pay for something he cant. I've sent various friends home although its not on the way. I've helped check friend's Uni assignments late into the night although I am still in College. Sometimes, I think I treat friends better than family. I guess my circle of friends is a part of the defining me.

Another thing is probably my religion. I can say I am religious. My faith is what keeps me going day by day. Fellowships during weekends is something that I look forward to everyday. Sunday worship is a time when I feel at peace. I must be honest. If not for my religion. I probably wouldnt be here typing these words here right now. There are lots of time when life jus feels too much to bear. Too much stress. Too much expectations to meet. Too much of everything. But thank God, I still have him. He helped me through a lot of things. For that I am thankful He brought me into a Christian family.

I like to get myself busy with various activities. Before, in school. Concert, Prefect, Orientation. I've all been involved. I enjoy being involved in them. In the planning. The execution. And finally seeing everything come into perfection. Where every tiredness and stress pays off. Its actually my secret ambition to be an Event Manager. Managing events like concerts, weddings or better yet, game launch parties. Wonder would that happen? Time will tell.

Technology is something that can be closely labeled with me. I love technology. Computers(Macs only), phones, game consoles or anything technology. I love them. I like to read up on the latest news of anything happening in the tech world. I like to be updated on the latest game releases for every single console that I own or dont own. I like to drool on things that is too expensive for me to buy. Me and technology. We are so fit for each other.

"Warriors of the night assemble!!!" Famous quote by Priestess of the Moon of my favorite computer games of all. DotA!!!!! I really like this particular game. No idea why, but its the only game that can keep me hooked on for so long. Been playing it for at least 3 years already. Woah. Thats seriously long. I've seen the imba lifesteal Naix, the cant-kill-anything Storm Spirit and the boring old razor who just chain lightnings. Favorite heroes are Luna, Vengeful Spirit and Rogue Knight(Love the new one).

I am also an avid follower of eSports. Electronic Sports, the very young industry yet having a bright future at the same time. In particular, I am interested in the discipline of DotA. I follow the news of all major tournaments. I follow the news of all team disbandment or pick-ups. Ask me which team a certain player plays for. I am sure to be able to tell you. I'm particularly interested in the Malaysian DotA team and its sub-divisions. Kingsurf.Dota, Kingsurf.International and Kingsurf.China. Hope my application to be a reporter for them becomes reality.

Last but not least, I am an avid gamer. I like to play games. And unlike most DotAians. I do play other games. Not PC games though. Console games. I own a DS, two PSPs and one Wii. The PS3 is coming soon. Look my DS. Touch screen pawns them all. Hard to spread the love sometimes. Hehe. Favorite genre of games is of course. RPGs. Like to explore the virtual land and discover new virtual things. Only RPGs can keep me hooked for hours at ends.

Thats me, from my point of view. Agree or not? Up to you to decide. I might update this if i think there is more to me than those above. Please comment. Thanks for reading. And I am out.



NOtObEaLOnE^^ said...

ONE MORE~ u love sleep! hahaha..

BlueBerry~ said...

Aiks. Not going to put that in my blog. Zzz.

房纪业 said...

There are still many things u do hav bt u havnt or mb cant write it out...
no one can write their own character out...
Only God can write it completely...

MeLo♥ said...

well the 'send friends back though not so shun lu' part should be refering to me. hahaha

and hor u calling me a friend (just now, perhaps the 1st and last time) reli means a lot. hoho

i know you will never call me that ever again after reading this HAHA!

and yea ur post pretty much says YOU alright.
but kinda blur when I reached the bottom part where u kept talking bout gadgets.. @@ hahahah!!
so yea.
you changed somehow. eh??
only you yourself know bah.

PS: you forgot to write that you like to look at girls too!

BlueBerry~ said...

I am trying to make it genuine. I am sure there are more that makes me. Just cant really think of it yet. I know its God that writes my character. Just want to put me in my words for myself to see.

Not really you melo. You on the way home actually. lol. And yes. That is the last time. Noob!!!!!!! What did i change? Your somewhat correct i suppose. lol.

MeLo♥ said...

hahaha.. walauuu my ai ren reads your blog ohh hopefully she sees and scolds you mauhahahaah!!!

NOtObEaLOnE^^ said...

why my ai ren mentioned bout me??
terry u should put that k? the period u can sleep makes u reli UNIQUE!muahaha

BlueBerry~ said...

Nop. Not going to. I change new leaf liao. I dont sleep in college liao. lol.

MeLo♥ said...

ai rennn!! I mention u cos he scold me@!! Hahahahaha u must defend me hohoho

BlueBerry~ said...

I'll still scold you no matter what you idiot. Zzz.