Sunday, June 14, 2009

The dreaded word. Tests.

Grr. Lots of test next week. ELACS,Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Grr. Dont mind Maths and ELACS. But Physics and Chemistry. Grr. Same day too, one period after the next lagi. Grr. Hate it. Anyway, I've prepared what I should have. Lets hope I can do better this time. Pray for me. I need it.

Oh. I'm thinking of adding a new section to my blog. Not really a section but a category I will blog about. Its going to be called "Peoples in my Life". As some might have guessed. Its about the people around my life. My parents, friends, relatives and maybe enemies(dont have one). I'm going to try and finish the ones about AWHYO 1st then get the new one going. Hope its going to be a good read. Anyway. Thats all for now. See yaz.

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MeLo♥ said...

weird le... last time whenever u update i can see in my blogger dashboard.. now knot anymore =(