Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What should I be in the future?

The road not taken. The road that I must walk on in due course. The path of choosing my career choice. Life is full of decisions. Some that can be mended if you chose the wrong one. Some cant. The ones that can be mended are not that important. The ones that is a no-turning-back decision is the most important one. One of the decision everyone needs to do is to choose their career choice.

Some people already have a set goal in their mind. Engineer, Accountants, Lawyet and the list goes on. But me, I have no idea at all. The field that i want to be in doesnt seem to tickle my parents' fancy. Dont blame them too. The mentality about gaming is still there. Its bad for you. It ruins your life. Blah blah blah. Besides being rejected by my parents, another problem is that its not that easy to earn a living as a game designer in Malaysia. So i've pretty much swept that idea under the carpet.

Whats next on my list? Software Engineer. That allows me some flexibility for going into the gaming industry as most large game companies would need software engineers to write the game codes and mechanics. Theres always a con to everything. With engineering, to me. Its hard to be independent. I mean once your engineer. You'll be working for someone for the rest of your life. Not many engineers are actually capable of coming out and open a company. But thats still an option.

Accountancy is also one of my choices. My dad has an accounting firm. And the job prospect of an accountant is very high. The demand is so high in Malaysia. Problem with it, is that my mum doesnt seem to want me to do Accountancy. No idea why. She just doesnt seem so. Dad should be ok i suppose. But i am not sure. Accountancy is good for being able to open an accounting firm when you have the experience and so on. Its not a bad field too. The pay is enough to sustain my lifestyle. If you know me, then you would know what my lifestyle is like.

What else can i be? I have not much idea anymore. Anyone suggest me a good profession to be in? I'm open to ideas. Leave comments please.



NOtObEaLOnE^^ said...

Be accountant wit be =X i wan go ur daddy firm work next time. HAHA

BlueBerry~ said...

Ngaidi. Why everyone who know my dad is accountant want go there work one? So good meh. Hehe. He needs more accountants also. After three years come find me.I go help you talk talk.

Letty~ said...

nvr know u're interested in accounting..
dad asked me that day (he's kinda happy)
then i kinda like shouted "IMPOSSIBLE HE WANT STUDY ACCOUNTING LA!!" (u know me la =.=)

BlueBerry~ said...

But y2m2 said mum isnt very happy about it. Is it true? It just an option too. Dont know yet.