Thursday, March 12, 2009

Results out

Hmm. Resuls of my SPM are out today. What can I say about it? Well, still ok I suppose. Could have been slightly better. But I am overall quite satisfied. Heres a lowdown on what I got (in order of decreasing grade):

English A1
Physic A1
1119 A2
Chemistry A2
Moral 3B
Maths 3B
Add Maths 4B
Biology 4B
Malay Language 5C
History 6C
Bible Knowledge 8E

English A1 is expected from me. Hehe. Physics was an unexpected A1. I thought maybe would get a B or A2. Chemistry also. I thought will get B3. But get A2. Nice. Hehe. My Biology. Man, i expected an A for this, why give me a B? Why? Sucks. Cant do anything too. Just face it. The most shocking one to me is none other than----------------Bible Knowledge!!!!!!! 8E man. 8E!!!!!! Thats hell bad. One more grade lower and its fail. Like Leh Bing. Hehe. I always got better than 8E. At least will get a C or B. I expected that i will get a B for my SPM. Somehow it came out an 8E. The rest are somewhat expected especially History and Malay. A bit surprised my Moral got 3. However those are useless subjects. So whatever. Thats all for tonight folks. See yaz.


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Shera said...

not bad, not bad at all.