Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tests on Monday

Man. I have two tests on Monday. Not the east kind like English. Physics and Chemistry test. Argh. Why both on the same day? Why? There goes my weekend. Anyway, wish me luck. I need to study again. See ya peeps.



房纪业 said...

Too bad lar... Monday i am having holiday o..
jia you lar brother!!
but i am going to hav my mid term on wed!!

BlueBerry~ said...

I dont mind two test lor. But Phys and Chem on the same day. Aduh.

Pureheart said...

All the best in your studies.Hope that you enjoy life there.
=)take care.

BlueBerry~ said...

Long time you dint drop by. How's life?

MeLo♥ said...

O.o here monday public holiday leh lolss..

anyways, hope u did well =)
I'm sure you did. hahaha