Saturday, March 14, 2009


A tall building. A person on the verge of death. A normal teenager. What do all these things have in common? They all need support of some kind. A building needs strong and deep rafters to be able to climb the skies. A sick person needs oxygen masks for life support. A teenager needs the support of his/her parents to feel included.

Thats something that i cant seem to get. Support. Especially support from my family. Not the whole family, just one person. My mum. I dont know why, nor do i understand why she doesnt seem to give me any support at all. She goes to my sister's every single performance. No matter how expensive or hard to get the tickets are. She goes to great length to make sure my sister's performance is the best that it can be.

But me? Nothing. Nil. Zero. Nada. No support for any of my performances. Although I dont perform that many things, nor am I well versed in any special talents, I still need support from you.

Where were you during the numerous performances she had? Backstage helping or front stage watching, waiting for the time to take her photo. Where were you during her primary school graduation ceremony? Sitting at front stage, watching patiently from the start till the end. What did you do when the teacher in charge said they had to buy more expensive pieces of cloth to make the costume? Handed over the money without second though although the costume.

Where were you when i first danced on stage during MGC Pujut's teenage fellowships 20th anniversary? At home. Where were you when i sang in front of thousands of people as part of the Prefectorial Board's choir during last year's school concert? At home. Where were you when i received my service star award for being a prefect? At work. Where were you during my primary school graduation? At work. Where were you during my secondary school graduation? At work. What did you do when i said I bought the 20th anniversary Tee Shirt because i needed it? Scold me for buying more clothes.

During the 20th anniversary celebration. I wished so much you would come and watch me dance. I am dancing mum. On stage. Its nothing much, but I wished you would come and watch me. During last year's school concert. I hinted you to come and watch me sing in the choir. I even hoped that you would ask Yiyimama if she wanted to go so that the chances you would go is higher. But, throughout the three days that i performed. You dint even come close to the proximity of the hall. Last year was my secondary school graduation and prize giving ceremony. I was hoping you would at least ask if I wanted you to go or not. But you dint even say a word about it. When i saw Simon's parents' happy face when he got the service star award. I was so envious. He was a just a mere prefect like me mum. Not a very high ranking prefect and his parents would go and see him take the star award. Me? Just the thousands of random students watching.

I am your son mum. Please support me. I wonder sometimes. Would you even come to my graduation when I finish university in four to five years time? I know there are times that I dint ask if you would want to go or not. I know you dont want to. So I dint ask. She dint ask too, and you would show up every time she has a performance. At least dad is fair. He doesnt go for any of hers, nor my performances. Can you show me a little bit of support please? Just a bit.



MeLo♥ said...

cheer up =)

SyL_Regina710 said...


How are you doing in Canning now?

Reading yr post.reminds me of my mum sometimes. She wasn't that supportive on certain things.Especially what i do/plan to do in perth. I just feel really locked up myself her if i keep on listening to her. I just feel like kid towards her.

Find me online when you're free. haven't been catching up on you.

Congrats for yr spm results.

房纪业 said...

bro... don be sad..
u still hav brothers here supporting u!

MeLo♥ said...

yeap yeap ^^