Sunday, March 1, 2009

Five brothers, Three locations, One God

Memories long written in the hearts of many. Buried deep in the depth of people, only to be taken out and reflect and cherish upon. As i sit here in front of the computer at 11.30PM(Perth is fast by one hour due to Daylight Savings) after reading my brothers' Sian and Yap's blog. I begin to ponder upon the teenage life i had.

My teenage life? What can i say about it? Its probably going to be the phase of my life that I will remember and hold so dear to my heart once i grow old. Its the phase that I am most proud of. I can pretty much say I had a really uninteresting childhood. No playing with marbles, no catching fish in the sewers. None of them. Just tuition, and watching TV. But when i turned 12 and starting to go to my church's Teenage Fellowship. My life started to be more interesting, more fun.

It is here during my time at this teenage fellowship that i met them. Who are they? If you've read my last post. You can probably guess. My four brothers and me. There was once only four. Now five in total. We had so much fun during this short five years of our lives. Six for me. It is here we found the true meaning of fellowship. What is to serve our one and only God with happiness.

Sometimes, I wonder. How would I be like if I my dad dint ask me to join this fellowship in the first place? I would probably have wasted my time all around time. Going to cyber cafes and so on. But instead, i made a choice. A choice i have never ever forget. To devote my Saturdays to him, and his fellowship. During this period, i have learnt a great deal. How to lead a committee in meeting. How to solve problems that shouldnt be a problem in the first place and so on. Its a great experience and a great preparation for real life.

I remember clearly how this brotherhood of ours started. It started with four. This is how it started. It was a Saturday afternoon like any other, fellowship at church. The activity was Bao Jian Chao Lian or Kang Le. We were divided into four groups. Somehow, the four of us, Josh, Sian, Yap and Me were all split into different groups. Then, the person in charge told us to chose a group leader in each of the group. By God's grace, each group chose each four of us. We all took turns standing up to indicate that we were the group leaders. After the last one, it was Josh i think. Rui Yi said something along the lines "Shi Da Tian Wang" which means Four Kings. With that, this brotherhood of ours was formed.

During our time, this brotherhood was held closely together. We did everything together. Sang choir, had Sunday School together and the list goes on and on. But soon after, a few years back. We added another to this brotherhood. Making it five. Chee Enn. How did we add him? I am not really sure. But we just did. He is part of us now. The five kings. You could see all of us almost everytime in all of the church's big events. Helping out no matter how small the matter is.

But now, our of the five. Three remain in Miri. The other two. Left to further their studies. Although we may have been separated. Theres one thing i am certain about. That this brotherhood still holds strong in each of our hearts. Another thing is that although we are in three different places, one thing is still very common among all of us. We are all still serving the one true God we know in the places we are in. Josh, Sian and Enn are still active in MGC Pujut where I have come to love. Yap is in KL's Panda Church serving too. And me, the guy in Perth. Worshiping and going to fellowships at BPCWA(Bible-Prebetaryian Church of Western Australia).

This this title was born. Five brothers, Three locations, One God. So very true. With this, I want to give a shout out to my brothers.

To Sian the short one: Stay strong, your not the only one with problems. Family is what you have and what is most precious when you stop and think.

To Josh the strong one: I know your looking strong for everyone. I cant say much. Just Good Luck and God would not forsake you,

To Yap the quiet one: I know this probably doesnt sound much. But study the best you can, even by then you still cant get good results. You know you've done your best.

To Enn the chicken-like one: Good luck in your STPM this year. I may say that you fail it all the time, but i dont really mean it. I sincerely hope that you would get great results.



房纪业 said...

i am not serving in pandan but counnaught. u too!! jia you o!!

Ah Sian said...

hey...wat u mean short 1???? lol...short n strong ok...wakaka

BlueBerry~ said...

Oops. Wrong church. Hehe.

Bukan short meh? Shortest de hor. Hehe.



MeLo♥ said...

dunno why when I read your posts feel like you're emoing too lehh!!!
hahaha :D

you miss your friends, don't you~
so you also emo-ing lohhh !!

Terrence said...

Emo your head. Thats just missing. You is emo about something that inst true bar. Emo melo.

MeLo♥ said...

what lah.. huh
where got emoing bout something that isn't true?!?!
confusing lah you =="
and yourself also emo~~~