Monday, August 3, 2009


Hmm. Been a long time since I updated. No idea why. Couldnt think of much to update I suppose. I could continue with the AWHYO clan, but it's now Melody's turn. Couldnt be bothered. lol. Anyway, here are some updates on what happened these past few weeks.

-Got my results back. Not what I expected. Rather disappointed at myself. Barely passed Physics. Got 70% for Computer Science when I was expecting at least 80%. Chemistry was pretty surprising that I got 68%. Applicable Maths was rather disappointing too. Expected higher. Grr. ELACS nothing to talk about since it doesnt matter in my final mark anyway.

-Confirmed myself going to KL next January for the AWHYO KL gathering. Flight is same as Susan and Melody. Going to be so damn crazy with Melody around. I will sit far away from her. lol. Flight has been booked. Left the most annoying part. The hotel. What want to save lar. What squeeze all together lar. Aduh. Annoying as hell.

-Annoyed and angry at Aunt for nagging about not going to do the Calculus brigding course. Its one of the things I hate most to hear. Comes second to talking about my results. I know my results arent good ok? Dont freaking pressure me anymore. I know what I should do. I'm already 19 for crying out loud. Just shut up and let me be. I will decide for myself.

-In DotA news. Eryc just left the Kingsurf organization and took Ks.Int, Ks.Cn, Ks.Sg and Ks.Cs with him. Just to clarify things. Here is the story as to why he left Kingsurf.
Before WCG-Asian Championship and Asian DotA championship. Eryc split Ks.DotA into Ks.Sg and Results of both teams were underwhelming. So Eryc decided to reform Ks.Dota. However, Ks-Yamateh dint want it reformed and wanted Eryc to just support Ks.My or Ks.Sg. Eryc stood his ground and wanted it reformed. Since Kingsurf has always sponsored Ks.My only. So Eryc left Kingsurf and found a new sponsor. Cyber Gaming Club along with their long time sponsor are the new teams sponsor. They are playing under the tag Razer.CGC until they find a better name. Speaking about names. To find the best name for the new time. Eryc is holding a competition to name the new team. The winner will win a Razer Destructor mousepad signed by Ks.Cn and Ks.DotA. I joined. Hehe. Cant help it. Fan of the team.

-Another DotA news and regarding Razer.CGC. Jolie is back. While Honey is out due to playing too much WoW and no motivation to play. Old school line-up. Woot. The most imba line-up ever. Here is the rooster:

Razer.CGC.Swy (Puppey)
Razer.CGC.LvnT (LevenT)
Razer.CGC.GK^K (Kuroky)
Razer.CGC.Mi (Miracle)

Thats all the updates I can think of. See yaz peeps.



MeLo♥ said...

oi! wat can't be bothered lahh aiyer =="

and hor, u think i wanna sit near u in the airplane mehhhh!!!! cheyy~

BlueBerry~ said...

I was waiting for you reply. Hehe.

MeLo♥ said...

haha so bad one u =.=
wait till the kl trip i tell u, i'll kill you