Monday, July 20, 2009


On the 16th to 19th of July, I went to my first ever camp in another country. It was a camp organized by the church that I attend here in Perth. Comments on the camp? It was great. I really felt God's blessing upon us the whole camp. I can probably rename it into Blessing camp instead of CYPG camp. I'll write on why I think so later. But first. Let me tell you guys something more about this camp.

This camp was held at a location known as Leschenaultia camp site. Long name I know, very hard to pronounce too. The camp site is an one hour drive from the church. One and a half if your slow. Oh yeah. The camp site owner is a Christian, so its good for us too. The camp site isnt bad, there was no water and electricity for almost the whole of the first day. But no matter, its a blessing in disguise. The most amazing thing about this camp site, is that it actually has hot water for showers. Out of all the camps I have been to. None and absolutely none had hot water for showers. God bless. Oh yeah almost forgot. The theme for this camp was "我的团契,我的家".

Remember how I said there was no electricity and water for almost the whole of the first day? And how I said its a blessing in disguise? You might think I am crazy. But I can tell you, its really a blessing in disguise. If you guys know what the theme is about. It talks about being a family and loving one another. Through having no electricity and water we really felt the love and familism(is this even a word?). I think I see question marks appearing on my readers. Ok, here's the deal. Each group was suppose to cook their own dinner last night. The plan was for us to find the hidden ingredients then cook it. But due to the slight setback of no electricity and water. It wasnt possible. So in the end, we were given all the ingredients, a pot of water and a hint on what to cook. That's all. Imagine, a pot of water only. We need to wash our ingredients with that water, clean our utensils and so on with just a pot of water. How difficult is that?

Difficult yes, but its possible. So in the end, me and Kenneth's group decided to team-up to make one large feast. With no water and electricity you would imagine every group member would be whining or complaining here and there the whole time. Amazingly they dint, they did complain at the start but stop after about five minutes and just started preparing and cooking. You can really see the God's blessing in disguise here. Through this preparation progress we bonded together so much better. You could feel that we are just one big family in Christ. Instead of individuals. It was just great. If there was a chance, I would like to bring this activity(minus the no electricity and water part) back to my church in Miri. Its just too wonderful to pass. One of the blessing from the camp.

The second day, there was games to play. Wont talk too much about the games, its not exactly very important. The games was great, 4 man tug of war and a capture the flag style of water fights. Epic. That will be all about the games. In the evening, we were asked to get ready at around 5pm to be whisked away to a secret location. That location being Karakamia wildlife park. Due to some communication problems. The person who was suppose to lead us to the park went off without waiting for us. Because of that, all of the remaining cars lost their way to the park. We searched for the way to the park and found it in the end thanks to God's grace. But we were like 30 minutes late. Hey, we arrived dint we? All's good. Blessing number two.

After visiting the wildlife park, we went back to the camp site for dinner. Dont worry, not cooking it ourselves this night. While having dinner, Adrian started the camp fire outside. It was meant for our sharing that night. Just minutes before the sharing, it started to drizzle. We were all worried that our plans would be ruined. So me and a few other brothers prayed for good weather that night. Once we finished praying, and stepped out onto the campfire. There was no rain in sight. The dark clouds in the sky even cleared, showing us a wonderful night sky with lots of beautiful stars. We marveled at God's great creation and God's grace on this camp during the sharing. Another blessing from God.

There wasn't anything interesting happening on the last day. So I'll skip that. But when I sit back and reflect about this camp. I can really feel God's ever loving grace. How he blesses us in the strangest and most unthinkable way. I am sure many of the camp attendees went back with a lot more than when they came. God bless.


PS. I forgot to add that I forgot to bring my toothbrush during these three days of camp. I ended up using my finger to brush my teeth. Very unique experience. But not recommended.

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