Monday, July 6, 2009


On with the AWHYO clan. This time, its AWHYO|$$MoneY$$. After this, theres four more members to go. Finally. Hehe. First up. Photos as per tradition.

Hei. What do you expect from someone whose nick is $$MoneY$$??? Of course she looks like money. lol.

Enough with the jokes. Heres the real AWHYO|$$MoneY$$

See that watch she is holding? Its the present given on behalf of the whole AWHYO clan during her birthday last year. Which is just two weeks away. Glad I am not in Miri or she would be hinting for her present. Phew. Birthday message would suffice.

If you havent already notice from the nickname that has been given to her. She is just so damn money face. If you borrow money from her, she will remind you every single day until you repay it. So be warn on what she would do for money. Also, she wont take anything less than RM100 for present. So yeah, thats a hint for anyone planning to get her any presents.

Money face aside. AWHYO|$$MoneY$$ is a very very very smart person. Straight As for SPM. With that, comes celebration. Guess what? She paid for part of the celebration. Which I can tell you, is extremely rare. Its like finding a dodo bird in Africa. I must thank her though. She introduced me to Sri Maju tuition center, which netted me my A1 in Physics and A2 in Chemistry. AWHYO|$$MoneY$$ is now doing her Matriculation in Labuan. A somewhat great achievement I must say, since Matriculation is very hard to get into especially for Chinese.

Last year, just after the first mock exam for our SPM. AWHYO|$$MoneY$$ got into a car accident. Due to that, her leg is still not fully recovered yet. But coming along fine. I think anyway. We were all really shocked when we heard that she got into an accident. We were even going to rush to the hospital to see her. But she was going to have a surgery when we decided to go. So we waited until the next day. Thank God she is all ok. Just her leg was injured and bones fractured. Besides that, all is ok.

I guess thats all i can think of now. Tired. I'm off. See yaz peeps.



MeLo♥ said...

haha she ever say present must over 100 har?? LOL!!
then i must run liao lo~~!!!

BlueBerry~ said...

She doesnt say. But its a known fact. Hehe.a

NOtObEaLOnE^^ said...

MELo.. almost ur turn/.. treat terry goood good d o...

NOtObEaLOnE^^ said...

i agree wit u terry =P.. she evn ask for LV bag for her when i ask wat can i bring back for her... haha

MeLo♥ said...

hahaha I treat him very well lately =) hahaha
lolol aidi why my darling like this one

BlueBerry~ said...

When did you treat me good? Hmm. Someone did something on someone's blog hor. lol.

MeLo♥ said...

who what when where?? LOL